My Bio

Conflict transformation, behaviour management and my PhD research project are all interlinked in promoting a thriving and evolving education community for all our children.

This interest has come from forty-nine years in education. I started my education at 5 years old and haven’t stopped. My first teaching position was in New Zealand before working in schools in Uganda, Africa. I then moved to Australia and worked at a progressive democratic school called Currambena for many years before I took on the role of Principal at Redfern Jarjum College in 2013. The college is a primary school for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are being failed by the existing education system.

All of these diverse experiences prompted me to begin working with school teams customising strategies in teaching behaviour management and developing the skills to build strong and productive relationships with colleagues and families.  I provide support for corporations to become innovative and creative teams. I also returned to study to investigate elements for a successful education model for our first nation children.

Fran McCarthy MEd(Educational Psychology), BEd


I’ve presented papers for conflict resolution at the following conferences:-

  • IDEC Orissa Eastern Provence India
  • Indigenous Education Conference Perth
  • Early Childhood Conference Northern Beaches Sydney


I wrote the following papers while studying for my Masters Degree at university:

Human Development in Context

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Beyond Social Constructivist Theory

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My Certificates

Skills of Conflict Resolution
Rock & Water Workshop
Conflict Resolution Applied Skills Training
Bachelor of Education
Masters of Education (Psychology)